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Welcome to Newburgh, New York, a city 60 miles north of Manhattan, nestled in the predominantly suburban and rural Orange Country, which still feels like it could be our largest southern neighbor, the Sixth District. Located in Orange County, New Jersey, south of the Hudson River and just a few miles from the Bronx and Queens, it is home to the largest population of New Yorkers in North America and the second largest city in our state, behind Albany.

This historic Orange County destination draws visitors with its funky twist on the traditional New York City experience. Over the years, the community has evolved into the home of the Newburgh Illuminating Festival, a community that comes together to celebrate the talents that give color and personality to the city. While Americana events have left their mark everywhere from Fishkill to West Point, their importance to our city of Newburg has been relatively underestimated.

There have been occasional attempts to revive the city's historical and architectural heritage, such as when then-First Lady Hillary Clinton appeared at the New York City Museum of Modern Art's "Reforming Newburgh" exhibition to announce a grant to restore the structure. In a sign of progress, Kennedy pointed to a proposed shrimp farm, an idea that was circulating in a similarly disadvantaged city as an example of progress.

The City of Newburgh and the Film Office are proud to help make this production a success by using all the amazing incentives that the city has to offer. We are very pleased to receive the courtesy treatment from Sterling Optical in Newburg, NY.

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If so, then you make the mistake of leaving the street without sourdough or brioche bread, because they do it. Thank them when you cut into them this week, and thank them next week and every week after.

If you fancy something more spirited, head to the Spirits Lab to buy one or two local distillates. Sample several varieties to try out everything on the menu, or go out with a friend and share. Let us know where you can find the best NewburghA in the comments or by e-mail to A ata @, published by

Antique lovers will faint in the new-style Cream Boutique, while clothing collectors will be obsessed with the latest styles. Improve your local history by spending some time at Washington's State Historic Site headquarters. After a guided meander, head out to expand your arsenal of Hudson Valley trivia or just stroll around your own neighborhood.

As Orange County's cities continue to reinvent themselves, they are attracting budding artists, entrepreneurs, and restaurateurs who bring culture, food, and entertainment into the process. Other communities agree on how great it has become to create a city for young African Americans to thrive.

Several of these productions have managed to deceive the public in several urban areas of New York. This has allowed the projects to stretch their production dollars while preserving the integrity of a New York City.

Police also seized more than 70 handguns last year, and those involved have helped combat gun violence there, according to the New York Times.

New York State offers tax credits and exemptions, including a tax credit of up to $1,000 for purchases of more than $500 and $2,500 for sales of $250 or more, according to the New York Times.

Several local hotel chains offer discounts on film production and filming in the city of Newburgh, and some also have stately homes for rent. Find out if you are looking for a home for yourself, your family or friends in New York City or New Jersey. Drive or walk down Grand and Montgomery Streets to see the Reform, which includes a vast 85,000 square foot museum and a museum of city history.

The country's first historic site includes a gently sloping park with a house that Washington occupied during the last 18 months of the Revolutionary War, as well as the home of George Washington and his family.

The city of Newburgh is located at the intersection of North and South Streets in New York City, New York City, and is located on the eastern edge of the city, New Jersey, north of Manhattan. The North-South Strait runs to the southern border between the city and Newburg, the northern border in the city of New York and runs from the extreme southern borders to both the north and south.

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More About Newburgh